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Club Mission Statement Team Yakima is committed to provide our athletes with the best quality coaching staff available to develop and improve their volleyball skills through high quality practices and competitions.  Athletes from all levels are encouraged to participate, including elite and introductory players.  Team Yakima promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline for success on and off the court.
Practice Facilities/Practices Per Week Wilson/Robertson/Franklin/Cottonwood - 2X per week for 2 hours.
Do you hold Open Tryouts? YES
Will you have a youth developmental team? possibly
Club Dues Cost (Range/Estimate) $478-1660
How many tournaments will you compete in? Young development teams should expect 8 tournament days during the season, two of those travel, and competitive teams may play up to 16 tournament days, with at least 10 including travel.  Since very few tournaments are held in the Yakima Valley, nearly all tournaments will contain driving for one hour or more.  Team Yakima defines "travel" as an overnight hotel stay.


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