Silver Valley Volleyball Club

Club Handbook


Club Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to encourage the development of skills and techniques necessary for Junior Olympic players to compete at a high level in the game of volleyball.  We will focus on the physical, mental and emotional development of all players.  We will achieve this mission through the following goals:

1. To instill and encourage a positive and constructive attitude toward the game, teammates, coaches, and others associated with the game.

2. To encourage players to make a commitment to self-improvement and to develop goals in order to fulfill this commitment.

3. To help players develop a sense of teamwork and cooperation in a competitive atmosphere.

The Club's mission for older age groups is to improve the player's skills and knowledge of the game through competition that far surpasses the level of high school play in our area.  The mission is also to instill values of team play, individual discipline and work habits which will serve them well in any future endeavor.  For those student athletes who have the academic and volleyball skills and the desire and dedication to play in college, the Club also assists players seeking scholarship opportunities.

The Club's mission for younger age groups is developmentally based.  This mission is to teach fundamental volleyball skills, to encourage interest and enthusiasm for the sport, and to instill values of individual discipline and team play.  The success of our athletes and club is best measured by the following:  sincere, self-disciplined, and persistent efforts to improve, fulfill commitments, and attain goals; individual skills improvement; and team improvement over the course of the club season.

Practice Facilities/Practices Per Week Kellogg HIgh School, Wallace HIgh School, Mullan Pavillion, Silver Hills Elem, Sunnyside Elem.
Do you hold Open Tryouts? NO
Will you have a youth developmental team? YES
Club Dues Cost (Range/Estimate)


What does the club fee cover? The fees cover uniforms, tournament registration fees, coaches fees (hotel, travel, registration fees and pay), team registration fees, chaperone registration fees, first aid kits and supplies.  Players are responsible for their own travel costs.
Travel - Do parents travel with the team?  Chaperones? Yes, parents travel with players and chaperones are on each team.  Parents are responsible for transportation to tournaments and practices.
How many tournaments will you compete in? TBD
Beyond paying club dues, what else is expected of player parents? We expect parents to conduct themselves as they want their players to conduct themselves.  To not only support their child but the team.  We expect the best sportsmanship from all participants and that includes parents.  We expect parents to organize themselves to facilitate the team coolers during tournaments.  We also ask for parents to volunteer to be a chaperone (2 per team).


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