So you want to play volleyball... good choice! Volleyball is a lifetime sport, enjoyed by people ages 8 to 80. Ask anyone who has played volleyball (or any sport for that matter) ~ sports are an opportunity to not only get that much-needed exercise and participate in some great competition, but also to make friends, create memories, bond with your teammates, and enjoy lots of laughs and fun!

We're excited you're interested in playing USA Volleyball!

Volleyball is a sport for both girls and boys, and Evergreen Region Volleyball is proud to offer opportunities for both.


2016-2017 Season Information

  1. 2016-2017 Participant's Handbook

  2. USAV Age Definitions

  3. ERVA Parent Guide

  4. 2016-2017 Junior Girls Tryouts * check back often for updates*

  5. CURRENT USAV MEMBERSHIP Tryout Packet -Required at Every Tryout

  6. Non-Registered Member Tryout PacketRequired at Every Tryout

Parents & Players            
We encourage you to tryout for multiple clubs in your area to ensure you find the best fit. Please take into consideration before selecting a club the following: coach, club dues, tournament schedule, travel costs, practice days/times/location, etc.  With limited facilities some of the clubs you are intersted in may overlap their tryout times. If this is the case please contact the clubs to see if there is an alternate time they can attend a tryout or if they will have a makeup or second tryout date you can attend. 

To view more information about Junior Sand Volleyball click here.