Your March CLASS Act!


Ann Wilkey

Chaperone and Parent  |  North Idaho Thunder VBC 


"Ann is always willing to help out the community. As an alumni to CHS, she volunteers her time to work the scores tables for CHS games. She also volunteers her time at church activities. Another example of her giving heart, is her willingness to open her home for almost any club activity. For example, during the holidays we had a team party at her home. As if that was not enough she baked foot long Christmas tree cookies for each girl to decorate (13). The activity she created was themed "giving" - and had each girl then give their cookies away. Many cookies went to the patients at Summit Cancer Center.

Something minor but also went well - she created games for parents vs players at this party. It really helped everyone get to know each other and brought both the parent group and girls together. She has had 2 girls in the club,  and her experience in the volleyball world (specifiallyand the club world) seems really help groups connect and get to know each other. Just recently, she threw our director a surprise baby shower (whole club) where she had the girls write down advice and arranged for all the girls at practice that day to wear pink. She baked the cupcakes as well.

I know some of these seem so minor, and as if anyone would do these things. But no one asks her to do the things she does - she does it completely out of the goodness of her heart.

Congratulations, Ann!