February CLASS Act Winners

With an overwhelming number of excellent nominations, we couldn't pick just one - introducing BOTH your February CLASS Act Winners!


Doris Norris  |  Club Director  |  Sideout VBC  |  Nominated by Peer

"Doris Norris has been such a blessing to the volleyball community. I met Doris through coaching her daughters in the Mead Volleyball program. I quickly grew fond of her through her demeanor as a parent. As a coach, we understand that parents can be hard, but Doris was always unbiased and supportive when it came to coaching decisions, even when it impacted her daughters. She was literally was the “dream parent”, which is hard to find these days. Her volleyball commitment went well beyond being a good “volleyball Mom”. She began her own volleyball club, Sideout, when her daughters were young. Even though her kids are now grown, she continues to honor the volleyball community with a non-profit club of integrity and as an advocate for the players. Her advocacy for the player is shown in her generosity to waive/scholarship club dues for those in need. I believe it takes a person drawn to serve who is able to effectively run a volleyball club in such an honorable fashion and Doris is that person." 


Justis Wells  |  U16 Player  |  Splash VBC  |  Nominated by Teammate's  Parent

"Justis is the most sportsmanlike and enjoyable player to watch. From the time she was a wee U12er, she has been a model of both competitor and sportsman. She relishes in the achievements of her teammates and is their biggest supporter. She works tirelessly in both practice and in competition. Her light-hearted nature rounds out the perfect player. She does not take herself too seriously but still pushes herself to improve. Justis is a classy, talented, supportive teammate in both wins and losses. She is simply a credit to the sport."